liam sparkes tattoo

Normally in London (shangri-la, 364 kingsland rd. e8 . ) -0203 609 0931 - otherwise travelling -

coming up - Moscow - 9-18 sept @ Faux Pas

(more travels to come)

Instagram - @liamsparkesok

Lil china gal
Wishin’ on a star
Old hands I did
Fight club
Part of this good looking skull book coming out October @lllbooks
Snake holiday
Tiger holiday knife attack
Tiger holiday knife attack
Happy go lucky!   #manson
What did the old moustache say to the young moustache ? #hairyup
Falling ass over tit
Tuff as nutz
Man’s ruin
Bye bye Berlin . Back to work in London for a few months, the blood trail continues , I’ll be back
Thanks @thomasburkhardt & @erntezeit